St'Art Gallery Geneva was founded in 2019 by Abdelkader Bouraya and Carlo E. Naldi. Kader, the gallery owner, takes care of the finances, while Kar is the art director. It has already hosted numerous exhibitions and artists, some of whom are present permanently. In July 2019 the art gallery has also become a POP-UP Watch Show and welcomes numerous prestigious watch brands. St'Art is therefore a sponsor of the Swiss Creative Lab. is a company founded in Lausanne in 1996 and known in the world of watchmaking for its packaging and accessories for product care. It will be our sponsor and producer of promotional products for visitors and exhibitors. This company belongs to the organizer of the event, Carlo E. Naldi.


Hotel Beaulac is a official Partner and also Sponsor of IMAGINATION


HOTEL IBIS in Thielle is administrated by BEAULAC.

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